Linked Data Operations

Based on Quality Process Cycle


LinkedDataOps project is granted to Dr. Beyza Yaman (ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University) under the ELITE-S Programme which a Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Action. The project is supervised by Assistant Prof. Dr. Rob Brennan (ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University) who is a SFI Funded Investigator and expert in the field of data value, quality and governance. The program receives funding from European Union through ADAPT Centre and Ordnance Survey Ireland which is the national mapping agency of Ireland.

LinkedDataOps Summary

Inspired by DevOps – LinkedDataOps project aims at tackling the problem of defining and developing standard quality assessment and FAIR metrics for geo-spatial data during the full data quality process cycle. Quality of the data is particularly important because it has a priority in the European Union in addition to the national level, thus, providing standardized solutions for this matter has a high significance for the data communities. Thus, organizations prioritize increasing the value of data as well as the reputation of the organization. In particular, geo-spatial data suffers from quality drawbacks and these can cause major problems in real life, e.g., in 2017 the Irish coast guard helicopter crash.

Therefore, LinkedDataOps proposes an overall approach to meet the dynamic quality needs of the data scratch from the mappings, conversion, and creation gradually to the consumption of the data by discovering root causes to improve the quality iteratively for the usage.

A framework will be developed and used as a platform to assess the quality and FAIR principles of Geo-Linked Data supporting the full quality cycle of the data. The developed framework will be used by Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) and it will be validated by their collaboration. The tool will allow them to increase organizational efficiency and productivity besides facilitating data governance.

Industry Partner - Ordnance Survey Ireland

Ordnance Survey Ireland is the national mapping agency of Ireland. They produce and provide a very comprehensive range of urban, rural, tourist and leisure maps at a variety of scales in digital and printed form. In 2014, Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) delivered a newly developed geospatial data storage model known as Prime2. With Prime2, OSi moved from a traditional map-centric model towards an object-oriented model from which various types of geospatial data services can be produced. Prime2 and the associated workflows furthermore designed governance practices to cope with evolution of spatial objects in their model. The goal of the OSi initiative with ADAPT is to develop a platform to publish OSi’s geospatial data as Linked Data on the Web whilst adhering to best practices and highest quality in the domain of geospatial information.